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STEM Champion is a program will provide young Malaysian learners an opportunity to learn and explore about STEM education and implement digital learning to enchance their knowledge and technical skills and even mindset.


This program is FREE and open to Student, Teachers, and Parents/Public


School students are very welcome to join all the programs in STEM.ORG.MY


Make this portal to change the knowledge and enhance STEM Education.


Everyone can join and have the chance to win the prizes.

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Change Idea

This is where we change ideas about STEM matters. Use proper language when debating your ideas.
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Add your knowledge about STEM by reading the article in STEM.ORG.MY
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Watch Sembang STEM

Sembang STEM is a talk show program where STEM.ORG.MY invites professionals in STEM industries to talk about their area. A coupon code will be provided in every episode and can be redeemed to STEM Point.
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Let's Hunt

STEM Hunt is a weekly series of episodes for all the Hunters. There will be questions that need to be answered by you. Every week has a prize waiting for you.
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1st quarter 2022
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In the fast-paced modern world, STEM Education plays an important role to prepare the young generations for a better future.
Active STEM Verified
Active STEM Verified
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Become a STEM Legend
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