TM Future Skills SJKC Jln Davidson & SJKC Imbi Coding Class August 2021

As of today, we have held classes as part of our TM Future Skills programme. The classes were led by our very own En. Ahmad Aizat as the class instructor. The classes were held for students from SJKC Jalan Davidson and SJKC Imbi for the Coding course as planned.

The classes were conducted online due to the implications at the time where travel was allowed under certain circumstances. Nontheless, the students managed to attend the class and learn something new. The Coding class was carried out with the makeBlock software which is both child-friendly and easy to use. The students learned how to use different elements, variables and concepts as part of the lesson. They have also done exercises in order to implement and try out what they have learned so that they understand better.

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ROS Reg Number: PPM-013-14-31122018.

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TM Future Skills SJKC Kun Ming & SJKC Lai Ming 3D ...
TM Future Skills SJKC Kun Ming & SJKC Lai Ming

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