As of today we have held a program known as STEM Street@ Johor! This program has come to fruition through the collaboration between the TM Foundation, the Ministry of Edycation as well as our platform The objective of the program is to provide school students from all over Malaysia with the opportunty to learn and create something new by using PocketLabs. A PocketLab- for those who don't know- is a small device used to gather bits of information or "data" for you to observe. PocketLab can be used by linking to your smart phone or other devices as well. Students are encouraged to create and submit videos of themselves doing all kinds of experiments using the PocketLab. If you don't have one, you can order it from our Store page! Want to submit a video? Head over to the STEM Street@Johor page and click the submission button!

Moreover, the program was launched alongside event to commemoreate. With this event, we have also included a panel of honorable speakers who are professionals in the industry to share with us some interesting things about STEM and the industry.

Our speakers are :


Encik Mohd Ajib Fauthan

Method & Tooling Manager 


Encik Aliff Zullkifflie

Design Engineer 

Dyson Malaysia

Not only that, we have also had some very special guests to come and join us in our event!

Tuan Haji Shahilon Bin Abdul Halim

Deputy Director of the Education Sector. State Education Department Johor

 Izlyn Ramli

Director of Yayasan TM

Dr Ihsan Ismail

Deputy Head Secretariat(Technical), Secretariat of Digital Education, Ministry of Education

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