E-Showcase PBL-TM Future Skills 2020 at SJKC Jalan Davidson


On 15th Deember 2020, an online showcase was held at Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC) Jalan Davidson. The showcase was regarding the execution and the result of Project-Based Learning (PBL) that was done as part of the programme at the school. Participants of the showcase were none other than the teachers and students of the school as well as Cretive Minds' involvement in the program.

The e-showcase consisted of the senior staff explaining what the showcase is about and the students must present their projects that they have been working on throughout the programme. 

Date 15th December 2020 (Tuesday)
Time 9.00 am - 11.30 am


The event proceeded as according to the following schedule. 

Participation of Attendees
9.00 am
Introduction to PBL TM Future Skills
9.10 am
Welcoming Speech
 9.20 amAppreciation Speech from Deputy Chairman
9.30 am  Opening Speech
9.40 am Briefing of the results of PBL-TM Future Skills
9.45 amPresentation by Group A
10.00 amPresentation by Group B
10.15 amPresentation by Group C
10.30 amPresentation by Group D
10.45 amPresentation by Group E
11.00 amVideo Interjection 1
11.15 amJury's Conclusion and Result Announcement
11.30 amVideo Interjection 2


The speakers of the event were members of their Board of Directors, the President of their Parent-Teacher Association as well as the Headmistress of the school

 Mr Kor Beng
Chairman for the Board of Directors of  SJKC Jalan Davidson

Mr Koe Swee Pow
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Madam April Tan Tze Lan
President of the Parent-Teacher Association

Madam Teah Lay Theng
Headmistress of SJKC Jalan Davidson.

e-Showcase TM Future Skills 2020 at SJKC Tsun Jin
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