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Malaysia STEM Update

All update and reach in STEM Malaysia

3 ways online STEM education combats the COVID slide

By Micheal Bodkaer Jensen, Founder & CEO, Labster

Learning may have moved online for most students, but critical STEM education doesn't have to suffer the learning gaps brought on by the COVID slide--here's why.

STEM is everywhere – all around us in our everyday lives

by Kimberley Young

Zeiss professional services manager, Sofia Fazal, and Learn by Design education delivery team manager, Stephen Frew, discuss a partnership to bring a hands-on STEM programme to schools in Birmingham

Teaching STEM during Covid

By James Palcik

Whether in an in-person, hybrid, or remote learning environment, science and STEM teachers have likely grappled with one or more of these questions as they start this school year amid COVID-19. And, while there certainly is not going to be a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to teach science going forward, the following considerations and tips will help deliver a safe and engaging STEM learning experience this coming school year and beyond.

Is Malaysia ready for full implementation of virtual learning?

By The Star Online

If not for the incident that went viral involving Universiti Malaysia Sabah student Veveonah Mosibin, who was forced to climb a tree to get an Internet connection to sit for an online examination, most people would have remained blissfully unaware that not all Malaysians enjoy high-speed Internet access.

Dearth of talent hobbles hi-tech ambition

By Ameen Kamal

IN Malaysia’s efforts to become a “high-income”, “high-tech” and digitally-transformed nation embracing the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0), we have to address the white elephant in the room: Declining uptake of technical courses and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects.

5 Benefits that Accompany Choosing STEM Education

By The Science Time

STEM education stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Besides learning mathematics and science, students acquire skills they can use in various fields and not only their careers.

Mengesan Kadar Pencemaran Udara Akibat Letusan Berapi Gunung Sinabung Menggunakan PocketLab Air

By Creative Minds

SERI KEMBANGAN -Berikutan fenomena letusan gunung berapi Gunung Sinabung, Indonesia baru-baru ini, kita mendapati bahawa debu dan kepulan asap yang terhasil daripada letusan tersebut mempunyai potensi untuk menjejaskan kualiti udara di kawasan sekitar kawasan letusan.

Bahkan, partikel udara tersebut boleh menyebabkan berlakunya fenomena jerebu dan boleh tersebar ke negara jiran Indonesia iaitu Malaysia.

Science. Technology. Engineering. Maths

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