Math Ace Boardgame (Set 1)

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Maiden release of ACE ADVANCE GAMES series

MATH ACE BOARDGAME is the maiden release in a series of educational products targeted to help children learn through fun and playful interactivity.

MATH ACE BOARDGAME is developed in accordance with the school syllabus and is suitable for all curriculum.

The content in the game covers Mathematical topics such as:

Numbers - Odd, Even, Prime, Greater than, Smaller than

Addition and Subtraction

Timetables - A whole section is dedicated to this as a lot of them struggle with mutiplication tables.

Multiplication & Division Problem solving

Geometry - 2D and 3D shapes

Angles, Direction & Position

Measurements - Length, Mass and Capacity

Mixed Numbers, Fractions and Decimals

Perimeter and Area

Telling Time - In here are also addition and subtraction problems based on time. A whole section for this.

Teachers, headmasters, writers and designers were involved in the development of the product. Parents and children were engaged to do a testing and evaluation before final production.


The game is simple enough that anyone can start playing with minimal instruction. Set up the game and choose a time limit. Rules are printed on the gameboard. It’s a roll the dice and move style game and once you land on a space you need to pick one of the cards from the four sections and answer the question. There are 200 question cards which provide for ample play plus bonus squares and pitfalls to avoid which add a twist to the game. The MATH ACE is declared at the end of the game after points are tallied.